La Montaña Azul  - Costa Rica

18th to 21st of January, 2024







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Start the year refreshed, centered, and nourished with new skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges of leadership in a rapidly changing world. In this transformative retreat we will dive deep into the ancient arts of Chi Kung and meditation, enriched by the principles of Tai Chi Chuan.

These profound practices are a pathway to our most essential selves, serving as a source of clarity, strength, and tranquility.


You will be guided to discover profound tools of self-transformation and growth. Sifu Rama will facilitate a journey to your essential nature, fostering deep peace and inner strength by special Chi Kung techniques and meditation.

Sifu Simón will help you connect your inner journey with its profound impact on effective leadership, using Tai Chi Chuan's wisdom as a metaphor for modern leadership, with principles of balance, fluidity, and calm in the face of conflict. Emphasizing adaptability, resilience, and powerful intentions, these qualities resonate deeply with the demands of leadership in today's and future’s world.

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Of Italian origin, has dedicated his life to applying the ancient internal arts to the needs of a modern complex world. He has facilitated processes of transformation for thousands of people, so that they can live their daily lives and their challenges with greater balance, wisdom, and inner peace.

He has been a Chi Kung and Tai chi chuan teacher for more than 20 years, he started with Franz Moeckl in India and then in Malaysia with Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, whom he accompanied for 14 years and brought him to Latin America in 2001 to introduce these arts in the region. Chi kung and Tai Chi Chuan came to complement the findings made since his early youth, in which he was initiated in Advaita meditation with Jean Klein, one of the most important masters of the 20th century. He lived several years in India where he received from H.W.L. Poonja the teachings of Ramana Maharishi in the Inquiry of Being.

He is currently President of La Montaña Azul Training and Retreat Center that he founded in 2004 in Costa Rica. Part of his teachings are reflected in the book The Serene Force, Voices and Silences of Sifu Rama, written by Adelaida Nieto.



Is an International speaker and teacher of Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan, he has directed workshops and programs for thousands of people. He was trained in Heartmath, an internationally acclaimed tool as a pioneer in heart intelligence and stress management by organizations such as Stanford and NASA. He has received training in Chi Kung Healing in Malaysia, Flow Learning and Chi Running in New York. He is Health Coach of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York and has deepened his knowledge with contributions of Chinese medicine through courses at the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Spain.

He has dedicated his life to the development of programs for the improvement of the quality of life of people. Class 16 Cali Fellow.








Set in the tranquil sanctuary of La Montaña Azul, the retreat offers a comprehensive experience. Enjoy regenerative walks in beautiful natural surroundings, and nourish your body with delicious, nutritious meals. This retreat is a unique opportunity for transformation and renewal on all levels of being.



Investment fee per person in usd.



Their comfort and beauty make them a magical place to rest. Comfortable and spacious rooms with a covered terrace. They are in the gardens of the central zone

Double: USD 1460 per participant

Single: USD 1640 per participant



Its location and balcony make them a beautiful place for bird watching. Constructed in wood, these rooms are comfortable and cozy. They are located in the beautiful gardens of the central area.

Double: USD 1390 per participant

Single: USD 1570 per participant


Peace and light Nests

Two single rooms with independent access. Connected by a common corridor and a shared bathroom. An option of privacy and comfort in an single accommodation. They are located in the gardens of the central zone.

Single: USD 1470

Nature lovers

With the comforts of a room and the beauty of a luxury camping. Tents with a balcony, teak wood floor and a bamboo bathroom. Located in the upper area near the Temple of Practice.

Double: USD 1250 per participant

Single: USD 1360 per participant


 Colibrí Tents

A section located in a paradisiacal place between the mountains and the river. Tent-like Cabins with a private bathroom and a balcony. Each Cabin has the capacity for up to 6 people. Bunk and cabin type beds. It is a 10-minute walk from the headquarters along a path of luscious landscapes.

Double: USD 990 per participant

Single: USD 1120 per participant


Monk dormitories

A mezzanine in the serenity and beauty of the Temple of Practice. Groups for 4 women and 4 men in opposite and separate spaces.

Groups up to 4 people

USD 950 per participant

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The packages include:

• Courses with Sifu Rama
• Courses with Sifu Simón
• Meals from lunch on Thursday 18th to breakfast on Sunday 21th
• Permanent station with organic herbal teas, coffee, and fruits
• 3-night accommodation in the selected lodging
• Guided walks to the crystal-clear pools of the Talari River and forest trails • VAT tax




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